A selection of present & past walks

Wingham leisurely walk-19.06.24-Oasts at Ickham now converted into private homes-Carol Stevens
Ripple leisurely walk-22.05.24-Seas of Green not the 7 Seas of Rye-John Stewart
Bee-aware of nature
Wye Downs walk-3.07.24-On the home stretch-Chris Perks
Herne leisurely-3.07.24-Carol Stevens
Challock walk-22.05.24-wondering where the ramblers were heading
West Wood walk-15.05.24-taking in the tranquility of the area-Carol Stevens
Broadstairs walk-12.06.24-John Stewart
Sandwich to Ash leisurely walk-29.05.24-highlight a stop at the Black Pig Staple-Carol Stevens
Ripple leisurely walk-22.05.24-Carol Stevens
Sandwich to Ash leisurely walk-29.05.24-Al-fresco lunch, not a 'Ham Sandwich' to be seen-Carol Stevens
Herne leisurely walk-3.07.24-stiles come in all shapes & sizes, but not always with a gentleman to give a helping hand-Carol Stevens