White Cliffs Visitor Centre leisurely walk-26.06.24-looking at the rusting remains of the SS Falcon-Carol Stevens
Harbledown leisurely walk-10.07.24-Heather Gilbert
Wye Downs walk-3.07.24-a good year for poppies-Tudor Spencer
Wye Downs walk-3.07.24-Hastingleigh lunch stop-Alison Blackman
Harbledown leisurely walk-10.07.24-the Alms Houses as above photo refers to-Heather Gilbert
Wye Downs walk-3.07.24-Chris Perks
White Cliffs Visitor Centre leisurely walk-26.06.24-Back marker Claire 'day dreaming'-Carol Stevens
White Cliffs Visitor Centre leisurely walk-26.06.24-the beach where the SS Falcon was beached at Langdon Bay new Dover, after catching fire in the English Channel in 1926-John Stewart
Harbledown leisurely walk-10-07.24-Heather Gilbert
Harbledown leisurely walk-10.07.24-Heather Gilbert
Wingham leisurely walk-19.06.24-St Andrews Church, Wickhambreaux, famous for its American Stained Glass window designed in the style of the Pre Raphaelites-Carol Stevens
White Cliffs Visitor Centre leisurely walk-26.06.24-welcome shade-Carol Stevens
Wingham leisurely walk-19.06.24-approaching St Vincent of Saragossa Church, Littlebourne-Carol Stevens
Broadstairs walk-12.06.24-The select group of walkers on Margate Pier-John Stewart
White Cliffs Visitor Centre leisurely walk-26.06.24-Peter pointing out the North Foreland Lighthouse-Carol Stevens
Wye Downs walk-3.07.24-Leisure written by William Davies "What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare"-Sue Slater
White Cliffs Visitor Centre leisurely walk-26.06.24-North Foreland Lighthouse was built in 1691 upon a promontory of the nearly perpendicular cliffs of the Isle of Thanet which was first lit by fire in 1499-Carol Stevens
West Wood walk-15.05.24-sharing the Elham Valley Way with the livestock-Carol Stevens
Wye Downs walk-3.07.24-Alison Blackman
Wingham leisurely walk-19.06.24-Pill box no soldiers on duty, between Wickhambreaux and Littlebourne, beside the chalk river The Nailbourne-Carol Stevens