Eastbourne holiday The Cuckmere River and Seven Sisters-Bill Dawson

Pevensey Levels,Eastbourne holiday-Heather Gilbert
Eastbourne Holiday 2nd-7th June-ineligible sign, thankfully not dependent on it-Heather Gilbert
An evening walk and talk about the historial Meads and the Dukes that created Eastbourne by local historian Kim Adams
Cuckmere River and Seven Sisters-Bill Dawson
Eastbourne-4th June-keeping the path clear before moving to the side-Bill Dawson

The Sailing Barge Greta

Two trips on the Sailing Barge Greta organised by member Betty Sherry were due to take place on Friday 28th June and Monday 1st July. These trips were dependent on weather conditions, tide times and a very willing skipper named Steve. The sailings were to The Old Forts, then round to Sheppey and back to Whitstable Harbour, lasting approximately 5 hours. Due to unforeseen circumstances  the sailing for Monday 1st July was cancelled which will be rearranged at a later date.

Boarding The Greta-Carol Stevens
Experienced 'Sea Dogs!'-Carol Stevens
The rest of the boarding party-Carol Stevens
As near to the famous Forts as possilbe with a Gull soaring in the foreground-John Stewart
Waiting to sail-Carol Stevens
If top deck is too much there are below deck facilities-Carol Stevens
Sitting in specialised 'deck chairs-John Stewart
An alternative view-Carol Stevens
Sheppey has mainly Grey Seals it is also home to Harbour Seals and surveys suggest that the Harbour Seals are more prevalent than the Greys with a population of around 40 living on the Island all the year round-John Stewart
Grey Seals have much larger, flatter heads with a longer snout than the Common Seal